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Excerpt from The World’s Richest Busboy

“The sand pelted my jeans as I watched it blast across the desert surface. Occasionally, I’d stop and place both feet on the ground to stabilize the motorcycle, inching forward between violent gusts. I was in desperate need of shelter. Then, in the distance, I saw a sign. Not from God, but planted by Mexican entrepreneurs hunting for tourist dollars. “Camping, 8 km.”

Southern California native J.J. Brito takes an exciting ride of freedom in this fun, cleverly written and inspiring account of youthful discovery. Starting at age seventeen, J.J. saves his modest tips from delivering pizzas and bussing tables so he could travel to find the perfect waves he once doodled on his high school notebooks. Stretching every dollar to its limit, he lives out of a station wagon in South Africa, island hops through Indonesia, hitches across Australia, sails the Caribbean, and rides an old motorcycle (rigged with surfboard racks) from California to Costa Rica. Throughout his travels he endures tricky border crossings, a desert sandstorm, punishing surf, and being thrown into a Central American jail. However, the perks of paradise are never far away, J.J. finds himself gliding through a glass-like tunnel inside an emerald green wave in Nicaragua, sharing an incredible session with thousands of dolphins churning the waters in the Indian Ocean, and being welcomed into the homes of people on every corner of the earth. Through his diverse experiences he learns about the overwhelming beauty of nature, the generosity of the human spirit, and the unpredictability of life on the road. Along the way he realizes he is indeed "The World's Richest Busboy."


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Praise for "The World's Richest Busboy"

“In the true spirit of “Talk Story” and like story tellers before him, J.J. tells tales of travel adventures that’ll make you want to pack a bag with your board under your arm and hit the road.”

—Peter “PT” Townend, 1976 World Surfing Champion

“The World’s Richest Busboy” is a wonderful, functionally spare narrative honoring the best traditions of the adventurer-surfer. Brito has taken the time to tell his adventures and tell them well, recounting his early and pointedly dedicated creation of a Tom Blake-like low-overhead personal economy, which allowed him to remain financially independent, unencumbered and free to travel and surf. Brito’s narrative offers an insight into how a young surfer can, with limited – very limited – means, see and surf the waves millions of surfers only dream of but never experience. Two shakas, up. Brito’s brio deserves a “bravo.”

—Craig Lockwood, author of “The Surfing Heritage Foundation Guide to Oral History”; and “Peanuts: An Oral Biography Exploring Legend, Myth and Archetype in California’s Surfing Subculture.”

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"inspiring and spine tingling...the path he chose for himself was an unpretentious and self-sufficiently modest journey that landed him in situations and introduced him to people that would impact his life profoundly"

- Jon Perino, Solspot

"It's hard book to put down because of his natural way with words, describing diverse encounters in descriptive, easy-to-read detail. You get to tag along with him and experience a rollercoaster ride of emotion, excitement and envy."

- Chris MacDonald, Surf City News

"The World's Richest Busboy," beautifully reflects who J.J. is - a winsome man with a robust spirit of adventure... his unquenchable optimism carries him through the most perilous moments. As you read his story, you realize this is a man you'd love to have as a friend.

- Maralys Wills, author of "Higher Than Eagles"

"Cool book! exciting from the first page."

- Bud Llamas, pro surfer, owner of 17th St. Boardshop, H.B. CA.

"an extreme adventure with amazing stories that will keep you stoked!"

- International Surfing Museum



"The story of "The World's Richest Busboy" is a throwback to the days of core surf travel rooted in the truth of it's not about the destination but the journey"

- John Hinkle, team captain, Malibu Surfing Association

"I read the book in one afternoon, I couldn't put it down. It really makes you see the world in a whole different light and for those of us who have become jaded to our surroundings it's a great wake-up call to not let life pass you by without really experiencing it's fragile beauty. My 15 year old son is now reading it, and also enjoying it, says he can't wait to travel and see the world for himself."

- Sandy Parsons

"JJ, I finally read your book while on vacation the beginning of January and let me tell you, I sat on my couch and couldn't get up for 2 or 3 days reading it. I loved it so much! Thanks for sharing your adventures with me. When are you going to write the sequel? I know you must have missed a few great travel stories you can still tell us about!"

- Rachelle Notheison 

"I just finished your book and I love love loved it... I couldn't put it down; from cover to cover I was inspired and entertained. You captured the feel of traveling and the sense of adventure only a true citizen of the world could do. Thank you so much for having the courage to travel at such a young age and the humility to write it all down truthfully."

- Michelle Faires

"The World's Richest Busboy is a great look into how all of us surfers think and dream of finding the perfect wave! J.J.'s drive and determination in pursuing his dreams should be commended and his excellent story telling makes this a MUST read for everyone... surfer or not! Great job J.J.! See you in the water."

- Josh Brisbane

"JJ. I met you today and bought your book at the HB pier. I read 150 pages on the beach. Inspirational! Thank you for writing it and I hope it inspires young people to kick up their heels and explore the world as you did."

-Terri Wensley

"This book is Awesome, wow what an experience. I felt like I was under some of those waves."

-Carol Johnson

"It's been a beautiful read! Reminds one (or perhaps makes one aware for the first time!) that true joy does not come from the BMW, the big house, the fancy job title, or any other material things...it comes from living life with love and passion, and the other spirits one meets and shares with along the way. Nicely done J.J.......You have made me want to go tripping around the world with you!"

-Cappy Cross

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